Becoming an Abercrombie and Fitch Male Model means Being Cloned!

The interesting aspect of most Abercrombie and Fitch male models is that they are everyday All-American college guys: Guys you might see on any campus. And as such, these everyday college guys have college friends. And they have Myspace Profiles - just like every other college student. Trouble is, they get cloned!

Meaning, a "lurker" who can locate readily available photos of an Abercrombie male model, can also create a myspace profile and claim to have appeared in A&F advertisements - even though they have never set foot in a gym! A myspace profile seeks to bust these people out as "fakers". So, check out Myspace Fakers List before you start asking any Abercrombie guys on myspace any tips on how to break in the biz. Otherwise, you might just be talking to a 57 year old balding insurance agent who lives in Detroit.