Abercrombie & Fitch Male Model: Carl Arrell

"Yeah," said the dad of Twin Cities model Carl Arrell, some of those photos in the Abercrombie & Fitch Christmas storybook catalog are "provocative." Carl plays the character Jed Washburn in the catalog. I had father Jim Arrell, a financial adviser at American Express, Post-it note all the pages that Carl was on, and I didn't see anything provocative or risque.

So I asked our librarian Roberta Hovde to see what she could find online.

"Did you look at the WHOLE catalog? What about this naked man on the fountain?" Roberta asked after reading a few sentences of a USA Today article. We repaired to an office to give the catalog a thorough examination.

Be doggoned if the first page I flipped to wasn't the one of the naked guy atop the fountain! "I don't get the ducks," Roberta said. A & F is normally about the business of selling outdoorsy clothing, thus the ducks. You don't see naughty bits, but I can see how Jim found the catalog "pretty risque.

It's kind of tilted to teenagers! or at least college [students], and that's the big controversy." According to USA Today: "Teens love it. Parents hate it . . . oh yes, [there's] an interview with `Brady Bunch' mom Florence Henderson commenting on penis size." So did Carl find his catalog work risque? "To me, like being there and everything, it seemed like everybody tried to have fun.

You see something going on, and you're just kinda like `uh.' Everybody tried not to think about it, I think," said Carl, who did no fleshy photos. Was he at least paid well? "Not that well," he said, but "you got to work with a really good photographer, Bruce Weber." Carl, a 1999 grad of Park Center High in Brooklyn Park, is back home to continue his studies at the "U," where he's a sophomore pursuing a business finance degree.

Source: Star Tribune, December 7, 2000