Hot Guys Blogs

If you want to see who are the hot guys on the Internet, the best source is to check out one of the many bloggers who highlight hot guys. Many of these bloggers make it their duty to inform the world about "who" is hot or attractive. They seem to have their finger on the pulse of all the hotness out there.

Some bloggers simply post photos they find and do not give their readers the names of the guy in the photo. We think that is lazy. The best bloggers include the name of the guy, source of the photo and add a bit of commentary of why they think the guy is hot.

We wonder who is behind all these blogs? Are they bored office workers who want to tell the world about the male pulchritude they find (while the boss is not looking)? ...or are they retired workers - looking for a pastime? Do any blog full time and make their living at writing about hotties?

Check out this list of "hot guy blogs". Are there any blogs you read on a daily basis that should be included in the list?


How to Get Big Biceps

Having muscle tone is essential to getting ahead in male modeling. And biceps - one of the two muscle groups in the upper arms - is a muscle that is often seen outside of short-sleeve shirts.

We have compiled a list of advice for guys who are seeking to get big biceps. Included are the basic supplies each guy needs and books and DVDs that can motivate male models to achieve the arms they want. Check out our article on How to Get Big Biceps here.


Make Yourself Famous

We recently met a talented college student from Ohio State who had a lot of potential to become a male model.

Unfortunately, he stubbornly believed the only way he could become a model was to get a contract from a modeling agency. This route to fame has changed over the years. Now, students can make themselves famous.

There have been many students who missed out on fame because they insisted on relying on some magic person or organization to make them famous. We compiled this article to explain why a student these days can make himself famous and why relying on others to do your work is a mistake.

What do you think - can people become famous on their own? Is it better to do your own work - or to spend your time looking for someone else to "help" you?


Hot Towson University Guy

Corey, a sophomore from Towson University, is currently competing to become a Campus Man. He needs people to "vote" for him on the site to qualify. He has very ripped abs and uploaded a great shirtless photo. Check him out. and give him a vote...