Abercrombie & Fitch Male Model: Nick Runnebaum

Nick Runnebaum
In all of Missouri and all of Kansas, where will you find the best-looking, biggest-hearted single guys?

Right here in the Kansas City area, of course. The November issue of Cosmopolitan, now on newsstands, showcases one eligible bachelor per state, and as it happens, Mr. Missouri and Mr. Kansas are both Cowtowners.

They're also both "drool-worthy" (Cosmo's words), but is their studliness more than skin deep? We talked to them to find out. (P.S. These photos are not the ones in Cosmo; to see those, find a copy of the magazine or visit cosmopolitan.com and click "Bachelor Blowout.")

- Tim Engle/The Star

Mr. Missouri Kevin Jones

Mr. Kansas Nick Runnebaum

Basic bio

He's 27; a patent attorney at megafirm Shook, Hardy & Bacon; grew up in Raytown; grad of Park University (math major) and UMKC law school; is moving to the Plaza.

He's 25; a senior biz major at University of St. Mary, Leavenworth; former assistant manager at Abercrombie & Fitch stores in Lawrence and on the Plaza; works at Fort Leavenworth doing background checks.


5 feet 9 inches; 165 pounds; brown eyes.

6 feet 2 inches; 185 pounds; dark brown eyes.

Really digs...

Clothes, dancing, movies, working out.

Basketball, football, "trying to golf," skiing, working out.

Jock status

Played baseball at JCCC, Appalachian State and Park U. His "Plan A" at one point was to play pro ball.

Played basketball at Benedictine College in Atchison; played football (free safety, wide receiver) for St. Mary.

Best physical feature (according to him)

His smile.

His smile.

You might not guess that he...

Is a magician. As a teenager he bought a magic book in Vegas; now performs at parties, conventions, etc. around the country. His specialty: up-close magic. Always has a deck of cards in his pocket.

Coaches seventh-grade girls and boys basketball. Practices are at 6 a.m. "I find a lot of enjoyment in it."

As quoted in Cosmo

"I'm shy around girls I'm attracted to. As a result, I think it's hotter when a woman makes the first move."

"Success is important to me but not in terms of money. I'm after the kind that comes from being happy with myself."

How he got in the mag

Then-girlfriend sent in pix.

Then-girlfriend sent in pix.

About his Cosmo pic...

They put him in a polo shirt and cords and restyled his hair. The result: very boy-next-door. "It's not what I naturally look like, I don't think.

"He's shirtless, in plaid flannel shorts (not boxers) in a hammock. "I don't think it's the best picture of me at all.

"What he's looking for in a woman

A Christian who loves family, likes to dance and has a great sense of humor.

Someone who's attractive, honest, intelligent, "a girl that can basically stimulate my mind."

A few words on the KC dating scene

We have "one of the friendliest female populations in the country. I think it's very easy to talk to people here." When he goes out, it's usually to the Plaza.

"I like the women of Kansas City. I think they're mostly down to earth but independent. They're not so much into the flashy lifestyle."

What next?

He'll keep practicing law and making magic. He also enjoys the modeling stuff.

"I haven't taken modeling out of the picture yet." Met with some New York agencies when there for Cosmo shoot. May move to Denver and get into medical supply sales.

Cover boys

The annual "Cosmo Men" issue features "some of the most eligible studs in the nation" (and their e-mail addresses). Runnebaum is on Page 72; Jones, Page 80.

Source: Kansas City Star, October 22, 2005

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