Male Fitness Modeling

Athletic young guys who work at keeping themselves in great shape are in demand as male fitness models. This is one modeling field that doesn't require a "pretty face." Instead, well defined (not big) muscles and a great six pack of abs are the sought-after features.

Fitness models don't earn on the same scale as fashion models, but opportunities are more plentiful. Magazine that cater to the workout, supplement and fitness industry are always looking for new physiques for their pages.

If you've spent hours in the gym fine tuning your body, you may well be a fitness modeling candidate. Advice on how to take and submit photos and/or videos to a fitness modeling agent are available on this web site. You can also sign up for tips on how to best market yourself as a male model.

Remember, an attractive face is only secondary in the male fitness modeling industry. Focus instead on abs and biceps. You may find yourself on the cover of your favorite fitness magazine.

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