Make Yourself Famous

We recently met a talented college student from Ohio State who had a lot of potential to become a male model.

Unfortunately, he stubbornly believed the only way he could become a model was to get a contract from a modeling agency. This route to fame has changed over the years. Now, students can make themselves famous.

There have been many students who missed out on fame because they insisted on relying on some magic person or organization to make them famous. We compiled this article to explain why a student these days can make himself famous and why relying on others to do your work is a mistake.

What do you think - can people become famous on their own? Is it better to do your own work - or to spend your time looking for someone else to "help" you?


Wes said...
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Wes said...

thats a really good point. having an agency represent you does not necessarily mean you have a bright future in the modeling industry. With the online networking, people are able to make connections themselves. However, while I wouldn't be bent on trying to find an agency to represent me, if one does try to recruit you, theres rarely no reason to reject it if the contract is fair. But that is important. You must look over the contract closely. I hope this helps!